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Who we are 

knowledge always speaks but sometime, Somebody’s mistake can be a Lesson For others

We believe in above line and are working to provide information from our own experiences and from some reliable sources.It will be very hard for others to describe us by “What we DO!”.  As per SOME “We are always Busy in Doing Nothing!”. To Some we are bunch or Crazy Freeks with Mobile/Laptop/Camra and wondering in mountain peaks, forests, camping by the side of river trails. That’s their view, No hard feeling for them but Its our way to Express “Our Man Ki Baat”  Like Our Prime Minister does.

Today Everyone is busy in Materialistic world, which is  some what necessary. We too work for five days in the same world with the Directions of our boss and others involved. But still feel Strong Desire to follow our own heart for spending sometime with friends, relatives and meet new people. So we all like minded decide to do something crazy for our-selves and informative for others and That is what we call “WHITEMISTHOLIDAYS”.

So, WhiteMistHolidays is a group of people which is helping tourists in INDIA specially in Himachal for now by providing as much information about the area, environment and facilities. Our emphasis is to provide information about the best hotels, lodges, Paying Guests and other staying facilities to our guests throughout the tour. We are requesting everyone to share their experience and knowledge about any specific location throughout the India and help us provide maximum guidance to our valued guests.

We will be happy if the information can be helpful in someone’s Journey. All these Informations are free and we don’t charge anything for this neither we are some kind of corporation with an office. You can contact us and we will respond as per our availability. If you want to be part of this, Feel free to write us.