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Luhnu Maidan

Its the heart of Bilaspur City in Himachal. It hosts all the major activities in city. Right from hosting big games ventures or festivles , Nalwari Mela, Cricket Tournament, Army Recruitment event and paragliding landing spot , fishing hub and is a port for local boat services too. So you can imagine its importance.
While talking about this city, you will find many places adjacent to this maiden.
It was also called Sandu ka Maidan and was main part of the Kehloor fort and city. it was drawn in water due to Bhakra Nangal Dam built on Satluj. Whole city was evacuated and people were shifted to upper hills and some part in Rajasthan (Mainly in Ganganager, not sure about it).
It has a HP Govt water sports branch office.
From July to Feb, it turns into a lake and after that its a large cattle grazing ground with a thin stream running in middle. Luhnu Ground host the Nalwar Mela / Fair in Mid of March around Holi Festival. It has a cricket ground which have hosted few Ranji and other cricket tournament matches in the past. The aerial View of this ground is ultimate.
Luhnu Ground is also known for its Landing place for para jumper from Bandla Top or peek. you will find many para jumper or glider thoughout the year. it was also hosting a para sailing championship few years back. Not sure if it still happens or not.
You will find few 3 star hotel and many lodges around the city for comfortable stay in any season. this place is a Small Halting station in Chandigrh to Kullu-manali Highway. but the view is amazing and you will find it different in different months.

Few years back it was tourism water sports center but now you can hire a boat and can enjoy riding water scooter, if you get lucky,as now its shifted to Nangal Dam.

But still you will find local boat on rent.
People come here to visit the half buried Temples in silt ground when the water goes down in summer.

Its a largest fishing breeding center in area and is famous for trout Fish.Good news is that you can go for fishing from sept 2015. Govt have lift the ban on fishing in Sept 2015.

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