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Luhnu Maidan

Its the heart of Bilaspur City in Himachal. It hosts all the major activities in city. Right from hosting big games ventures or festivles , Nalwari Mela, Cricket Tournament, Army Recruitment event and paragliding landing spot , fishing hub and is a port for local boat services too. So you can imagine its importance. While …Continue reading

Hatu Peak

Shimla is full of many beautiful locations to visit. Some are easily accessed by road and some places are adventurous to visit via road and via trekking. So this post is about the HATU TOP or HATU PEAK,(some call it as Haatu Mata) we visited few years back and are planing to visit again in …Continue reading

Famous top visited Holiday Locations in Himachal

Here you will find the best Locations or the famous top most locations in Himachal Pradesh. We have tried to cover most of the Ultimate Locations in Himachal. We will try our best to provide detailed information for the Famous Tourist Spots or Destination, where you’ll love to go for an Holiday. Currently there are …Continue reading

Welcome 2015

Welcome 2015. Lets begin the celebration. Cheers to 2015! Goodbye  2014  Only Calender is changed but we know that your zeal and thrust for more excited place hunting cannot change and we Bet that it will increase as we will post our new content in coming days. You will be surprised and will feel more …Continue reading


Triund is a wonderful trekking place where any trekker can’t refuse to go. we call it “HEAVEN ON EARTH FOR NATURE LOVERS AND TREKKERS“ You can have detailed information on . Triund Hill is located at a height of about 2,842 meters above sea level and with a distance of about 9 kilometers from …Continue reading

Mysterious Himachal

HImachal is a mysterious land of beautiful sights. You will get different look of it in different seasons, But all will be wonderful experience. Check both the pics of triundhill and decide, which condition you’ll prefer the most?